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dentist for gum treatment in old greenwich ctPeriodontal disease, aka gum disease, affects the gums and bone that surround and support your teeth. It typically occurs because the build-up of plaque on your teeth has hardened into tartar (calculus) and begun to break down the gums and bone in your mouth. Four out of every five people are estimated to have experienced some stage of periodontal disease, but most are unaware of it. Typically, this is because the first stages of the gum disease are often painless. As the disease progresses, however, your gums can become increasingly red, swollen, and prone to bleeding. Our dentists for gum treatment in Old Greenwich, CT, can help! For gum treatment in Old Greenwich, Cos Cob, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan and Stamford, CT; Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye, CT – call Old Greenwich Dental.

Periodontal disease is the number-one cause of tooth loss, and it has also been associated with other serious diseases, such as bacterial pneumonia, diabetes, stroke, increased risk during pregnancy, and cardiovascular disease. Your risk of periodontal disease also increases if you smoke.

You can reduce your risk of periodontal disease by brushing and flossing regularly, maintaining a balanced diet, and visiting Old Greenwich Dental Associates twice yearly for dental cleanings.

Periodontal Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

Your Old Greenwich dentist automatically checks your gums for periodontal disease when you visit us for your regular dental cleaning and dental exam. If signs of gum disease become apparent, our dentist will then further examine you for inflammation, tooth mobility, and other signs that will help in diagnosing the extremity of the disease.

Periodontal disease is divided into three categories, or stages, based on the severity of the disease:

  1. Gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease. It’s characterized by tender, inflamed gums that are likely to bleed during flossing or brushing.
  2. Periodontitis. As plaque continues to build up and harden into tartar, the gums begin to recede away from your teeth. This creates deep pockets in your gum line where bacteria and pus can grow. During the periodontitis stage of the disease, the gums are very irritated and will bleed very easily. There may also be early signs of bone loss at this stage.
  3. Advanced Periodontitis. Eventually, periodontal disease will destroy the gums, bone, and other supporting ligaments, and the teeth lose their strong anchoring. Affected teeth will begin to loosen and may even fall out. Bone loss ranges from moderate to severe during this advanced periodontitis stage.

If you suffer from periodontal disease, the treatment that our Old Greenwich dentist recommends will depend on the type and severity of the disease. If you are still in the early stages of gingivitis, for example, one or two regular dental cleanings combined with healthy at-home dental habits may be all that’s required to return you to full dental health. If you are in a more advanced stage of the disease, then deep cleaning or (in extreme cases) periodontal surgery may be necessary. In all cases, we will fully discuss and explain your treatment options to you, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.

To learn more about periodontal disease or to schedule a periodontal exam with Dr. Busch or Dr. Silva, call 203.637.0665 To use our online appointment request form, click here. New patients can enjoy our Old Greenwich Dental Consultation, which includes an exam, x-rays, and treatment plan – all FREE! If you would also like to have a dental cleaning at that time, we offer a special rate of $97. We look forward to seeing you!

Periodontist For Gum Disease Treatment In Old Greenwich, CT, Cos Cob, CT, Darien, CT, Greenwich, CT, New Canaan, CT, Stamford, CT, Port Chester, NY, Rye Brook, NY and Rye, NY

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"Ever since I began with Dr. Busch the quality of my dental health care has improved. He and his technicians are excellent. He was able to correct several issues that had been lingering for years."Bob R.
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